Current PhD projects at the University of Paderborn in the international archive and research network “Historical Children’s and Youth Drawings” (doctorates completed between 2020/2021)


Bierhenke, Vivian: Living in Ruins. Historical children’s and youth drawings, 1946

Drolshagen, Annabel: The artistic mediation of historical children’s and youth drawings-  using the archive holdings of the Museum Elbinsel Wilhelmsburg from 1914/1915

Friesen, Marina: The small format. Children’s drawings on postage stamps

Holtmann, Miriam: Imagination between text and images

Kurz, Juliane: Script and lines in historical children’s drawings. The “Thank You Book” from Saarbrücken (1945)

Nießen, Claudia: Children’s and youth drawings in the Barkenhoff commune, Worpswede (1920-1922)

Pisginoglu, Neslihan: Solidarity in historical youth drawings



Previous doctorates in this field of research


(2016) Capell, Eva: Fanart and Aesthetic Socialization – The Creative Series Topmodel. Investigation of girl drawings in German and French fan forums.

(2016) Scholter, Christoph: Children´s drawings in the context of media and game worlds 1980-1989 in the FRG. An analysis of historical children’s drawings.

(2015) Sarah Kass: Children’s drawings from the ghetto Theresienstadt (1941-1945).

(2007) Heidrun Wolter: Children’s drawings. Empirical research and interculturality with special consideration of Ghana.

(2009) Annette Wiegelmann-Bals: The child’s drawing in the context of the new media. A qualitative-empirical study of graphic works on computer games. (Research Award Art Education 2009)